Commercial Grade LED Has Arrived

Designed by growers, loved by plants.


Commercial Grade LED Has Arrived

See results in as few as 27 days.

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Advanced Indoor & Greenhouse LED Technology

Finally, craft quality lighting meets commercial results.

Welcome to Cultivate Lighting. We are the creators of indoor grow light technology like you’ve never seen. Created from prototype to production by growers and 20 years of innovation experience, Cultivate Lighting solutions are unparalleled by other LEDs.

Whether you need small, low-watt solutions for your clone closet, or you’re looking for the ultimate commercial solution for your large scale greenhouse, Cultivate Lighting has the superior technological advantage, and the grower reputation to prove it.

Customized dimming for 3 waves of red and 3 waves of blue offer infinite combinations on the spectrum. Superior results for veg, adding a sugary finish during flowering with reported 15% improvements in potency, Cultivate is more than LED lighting, we are the ideal solution.

Serious Results

  • 20% plant potency improvement
  • 75% average reduction in energy consumption
  • 45% reduction in heating effects
  • Moving air close to plant reducing molds
  • 250w LED equals 1000w HPS bulb
  • Results visible in less than 27 days

Advanced Technology

  • Commercial grade grow lighting
  • Superior veg results
  • Customized wattage from 100-400watts
  • Individual blue and red controls
  • Infinite spectrum combinations
  • Optional UV bulbs
  • Designed by growers

Make the Transition

  • We’ll help you choose the right lights
  • New customers get a 90-day guarantee!
  • Top of the line LED technology
  • Industrial air filtration replaces other hardware
  • Installation support for commercial orders
  • Generous 5 year warranty
  • American Made

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May 26, 2016 in CULTIVATE Insights

The Truth About Growing Cannabis Commercially With LED Lighting

Large scale cannabis grows are being installed across the nation, and as the industry progresses, the power consumption impact is being felt, demonstrated and documented. The grow designers, consultants and cultivators with outstanding reputations are already hip to the benefits of LED, but not everyone understands why it’s so critically important.

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May 4, 2016 in Press Releases

Grower-Designed LED Lighting Company, CULTIVATE Lighting, Launches at CannaGrow Expo

The first LED indoor lighting designed by growers is being released at the CannaGrow Expo in San Diego, May 7th-8th. CULTIVATE Lighting, a division of National Bright Lighting will release its flagship commercial-grade lighting product line during the CannaGrow business expo, an event focused on serving the legal cannabis grow industry. Initial tests show outstanding impacts on yields, potency, and growth.

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